Sunday, August 12, 2007

"God be with you in your poverty"

A real life story...
Sue spent 8 years working as a chaperone with young people on spring break at a small school in the slums of Jamaica. This school like many in Kingston was very poor. The desks were in horrible shape, the black board broken. Even though this part of Kingston was one of the poorest areas in Jamaica, the teachers came in their very best clothes, pressed and well groomed and took great pride in their job teaching the children. It was such a contrast to their surroundings. When Sue was leaving for the last time, she thanked a teacher for what she was doing for the children and said, "God be with you in your poverty." With kind and gentle eyes the teacher replied, "God be with you in your abundance."

Do you live an abundant life that you can share with someone who lives in poverty?
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