Monday, August 13, 2007 buys new water truck to serve the poor of Cite Sole, Haiti has purchased a second water truck for delivering water to the poor of Haiti. This truck will deliver six loads of 2500 gallons of water each day to the disadvantaged and vulnerable children, women and men of Cite Sole, one of the worlds most impoverished slums.

This second truck was made possible by donations from ECOsmarte, Planet Friendly, Inc., manufacturer of zero-salt, zero-chemical water technology. You can visit them and learn more about their chemical free technology by visiting continues to support the first water truck in Cite Sole that delivers six loads of 3500 gallons every day for free. Two of the loads go to orphanages, hospitals and schools. The other 4 loads goes directly to the people – bucket by bucket.

Here us a short video of the water truck in Cite Sole in July.

Cite Sole has some of the worst water conditions in the world. If you drill a well, you get salt water from the ocean. Clean water has to be brought in by truck. Water is big business in Haiti with companies charging the poor for the water they deliver. does not charge for water. We deliver it for free to those in need. Imagine, no clean water. Nothing to drink. Nothing to wash with. Nothing to cook with. will be filling the empty water truck with food and other items that will be delivered to schools in Haiti between now and October and will drive the truck from Minneapolis to Miami mid October before loading on a ship that will take it to St. Marc's on the western coast of Haiti. We hope to have the water truck up and running by November.

If you would like to sponsor the water truck, you can do it one of two ways. You can sponsor the maintenance of the truck such as tires, springs, etc., or the weekly operation cost such as fuel or drivers.

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