Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Buya.org supporters do good work in Cite Sole, Haiti.

Down in Cite Sole, Haiti, there is a small school with 300 students that receives support through buya.org. It is only with your help and the help of other buya.org donors that we are able to present to you a Thank You letter from Terra Promise.
Please click on the image to the right for a full view.

We are so blessed to be able to help.
Alyn and I visited Terra Promise School in Cite Sole, one of the worst slums in the western hemisphere in July. Terra Promise was closed down and moved outside of Cite Sole 3 years ago when the violence in Cite Sole between the gangs and the UN became too dangerous for the children and teachers. Random gunfire could be heard during school and sometimes hit the building. In March of this year, the school was moved back into Cite Sole and reopened after violence subsided. Even though it is summer and the school is not in session until September, there were 4 teachers there working with 20 students on summer school lessons.

One of the teachers was Fantas Fara, a 23 year old teacher that teaches preschool. The subjects she teaches are Creole, reading, writing, science and mathematics. Her favorite subject to teach is reading. She has been a teacher for 3 years and plans to return to college next year to finish her teaching degree. When we visited in July, she had not been paid for two months.

Even though the teachers weren't being paid, they still showed up and taught because there are no other jobs available in Haiti. Their only hope is for people like you to care enough to continue your support.
Buya.org thanks you for supporting the poor of Haiti.

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