Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Buya.org supporters do good work in Cite Sole, Haiti.

Down in Cite Sole, Haiti, there is a small school with 300 students that receives support through buya.org. It is only with your help and the help of other buya.org donors that we are able to present to you a Thank You letter from Terra Promise.
Please click on the image to the right for a full view.

We are so blessed to be able to help.
Alyn and I visited Terra Promise School in Cite Sole, one of the worst slums in the western hemisphere in July. Terra Promise was closed down and moved outside of Cite Sole 3 years ago when the violence in Cite Sole between the gangs and the UN became too dangerous for the children and teachers. Random gunfire could be heard during school and sometimes hit the building. In March of this year, the school was moved back into Cite Sole and reopened after violence subsided. Even though it is summer and the school is not in session until September, there were 4 teachers there working with 20 students on summer school lessons.

One of the teachers was Fantas Fara, a 23 year old teacher that teaches preschool. The subjects she teaches are Creole, reading, writing, science and mathematics. Her favorite subject to teach is reading. She has been a teacher for 3 years and plans to return to college next year to finish her teaching degree. When we visited in July, she had not been paid for two months.

Even though the teachers weren't being paid, they still showed up and taught because there are no other jobs available in Haiti. Their only hope is for people like you to care enough to continue your support.
Buya.org thanks you for supporting the poor of Haiti.

Monday, August 13, 2007

gs2studios.com commits all profits to buya.org

Alyn Shannon and gs2studios, designers of Artisan-designed and handcrafted faith-inspired jewelry commits all profits made through the sale of jewelry on her website to buya.org.

gs2studios makes jewelry made of fine silver, sterling silver, fused glass, found objects, lampworked beads, freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones. Shannon says "This jewelry collection was created with a purpose — to serve as a reminder to be obedient to God’s word and to seek His presence in all you do. When you wear faith-inspired jewelry, it’s not only a wonderful adornment, but it brings to mind the comittment to expand your heart and live a life of faith, love, grace and truth."

All profits benefit www.buya.org in supporting passionate, grassroots charities that help the poor and most vulnerable around the world so please visit gs2studios.com.

Buya.org Launches New Website

After a "soft launch" of our website in April, buya.org has just launched a new updated site. You gave us great feedback and we went to work improving the site. We appreciate and value your input and feedback, please keep it coming. Take a look!

New links that bring you more information.
  • Under the "Our Story" button we share with the visitor where we've been (Alyn & Jeff) and how buya.org came about.
  • Under the "About Buya.org" button we try to answer the questions you felt were missing when you visited the site.
  • Under the "Be a Buya.org Partner" button, we added more information for our potential partners.
  • Under the "Proof of Impact" button, we go into more detail about what a "Proof of Impact" statement is and even show some examples.
  • We've had request for more items under $50 so we added a "Shop for $50 or Less" button. Look for more items that will be added to this category in the near future.
  • We've added hyperlinks to the banners that take you directly to the cause making it easier to shop for a cause that moves your heart.
  • And finally, we completely reconfigured the "Gift Certificate" module making it easier to buy and send gift certificates.
Alyn and I want to thank all of you for supporting buya.org and our efforts to help the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged. Please let your friends and family know about the opportunities listed on buya.org and help make a difference ...one click at a time! Oh, and don't forget to click on the image above and visit our new site.

Jeff and Alyn

Buya.org buys new water truck to serve the poor of Cite Sole, Haiti

Buya.org has purchased a second water truck for delivering water to the poor of Haiti. This truck will deliver six loads of 2500 gallons of water each day to the disadvantaged and vulnerable children, women and men of Cite Sole, one of the worlds most impoverished slums.

This second truck was made possible by donations from ECOsmarte, Planet Friendly, Inc., manufacturer of zero-salt, zero-chemical water technology. You can visit them and learn more about their chemical free technology by visiting www.ecosmarte.com.

Buya.org continues to support the first water truck in Cite Sole that delivers six loads of 3500 gallons every day for free. Two of the loads go to orphanages, hospitals and schools. The other 4 loads goes directly to the people – bucket by bucket.

Here us a short video of the water truck in Cite Sole in July.

Cite Sole has some of the worst water conditions in the world. If you drill a well, you get salt water from the ocean. Clean water has to be brought in by truck. Water is big business in Haiti with companies charging the poor for the water they deliver. Buya.org does not charge for water. We deliver it for free to those in need. Imagine, no clean water. Nothing to drink. Nothing to wash with. Nothing to cook with.

Buya.org will be filling the empty water truck with food and other items that will be delivered to schools in Haiti between now and October and will drive the truck from Minneapolis to Miami mid October before loading on a ship that will take it to St. Marc's on the western coast of Haiti. We hope to have the water truck up and running by November.

If you would like to sponsor the Buya.org water truck, you can do it one of two ways. You can sponsor the maintenance of the truck such as tires, springs, etc., or the weekly operation cost such as fuel or drivers.

Buya.org in the News

Buy a Donkey, Give Hope – Press Publications, July 3, 2007
Buya.org was recently interviewed for an article in The Press" publication. Read it here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Buya.org welcomes Haiti Outreach as new partner.

Our Vision: "For Haiti to become a developed country." Dale Snyder, Executive Director of Haiti Outreach says "It really can be stated that simply, that there is adequate food and clean water, health care and schools, maintained roads and electricity, and an economy and government that work for the people of Haiti. If we can help Haiti become as developed as the Dominican Republic, it would be a wonderful and giant step forward. This is our vision."
Shop Haiti Outreach

"God be with you in your poverty"

A real life story...
Sue spent 8 years working as a chaperone with young people on spring break at a small school in the slums of Jamaica. This school like many in Kingston was very poor. The desks were in horrible shape, the black board broken. Even though this part of Kingston was one of the poorest areas in Jamaica, the teachers came in their very best clothes, pressed and well groomed and took great pride in their job teaching the children. It was such a contrast to their surroundings. When Sue was leaving for the last time, she thanked a teacher for what she was doing for the children and said, "God be with you in your poverty." With kind and gentle eyes the teacher replied, "God be with you in your abundance."

Do you live an abundant life that you can share with someone who lives in poverty?
Shop on purpose, and change lives one click at a time. Visit www.buya.org